25 Cathedral High Street.

Have A Fresh Day!

Why not starts your beautiful day with a fresh and clean appearance?

Let us help you! At Fresh Day Dry Cleaning we offer a full line of garment care and cleaning services. No matter it is your regular shirts, favorite shoes, the luxury handbags, the priceless handmade rug, or the wedding dress with memory, even the household bedding cover; no matter it is European silk, pure cashmere, colorful suede, the top-notch leather, or the urban icon Canada Goose + UGG pair, we can make them fresh again!

Our eco-friendly cleaning facility employs highly experienced skilled experts and cutting-edge industry technology to present you the best possible outcomes, often times surprise! We make sure your love is in the hands of people who love them too!

If you are not convinced yet, our IRON 100% Satisfaction Guarantees makes you worry free! If our services do not meet your reasonable expectations, we will clean the item again till you are happy, or a full amount refund would be issued right away!

Come and Visit us at 25 Cathedral High St., you will have a Fresh day!

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